We handle your packaging legal obligations.

As a distributor (e.g. manufacturer or importer) of packaging or packaged goods, you are confronted on a daily basis with the question of how to deal with the packaging you put into circulation. By participating in the collection and recovery system (SVS) of Reclay Systems GmbH, you transfer your take back and recovery obligations to us in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance – you thus license your packaging to Reclay.

We will take care of the collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging you put into circulation for you. This gives you time to concentrate on your core business.



Our services

  • We manage your existing and new contracts with all systems using power of attorney.
  • We perform volume splitting between systems as needed.
  • We take over the forwarding of the periodic quantity reports to the systems.
  • We handle payment transactions with the systems.
  • We provide the annual reporting overview for your annual correction report .
  • We monitor the legal situation and inform you about changes.


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