Lobbying Code of Conduct of Reclay Systems GmbH


The Lobbying and Interest Representation Transparency Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 1 64/2012 (LobbyG), requires the registration of those bodies and employees of a company whose activities are intended to directly influence certain decision-making processes in the legislation or execution of the federal government, the provinces, the municipalities and the municipal associations.

As an established collection and recycling system for packaging, Reclay Systems GmbH is a reliable partner for its customers; at the same time, its participation in political decision-making processes makes a valuable contribution with regard to confidence in the best possible fulfillment of the tasks assigned to collection and recycling systems. Transparency, quality and sustainability are values that Reclay Systems GmbH lives by 100% both towards its contractual partners and its employees.

In accordance with § 7 LobbyG, Reclay Systems GmbH commits itself to the following duties of conduct, which it bases its lobbying activities on:


1. Truthfulness

Reclay Systems GmbH and its employees are committed to truthfulness towards political institutions, legislative and executive bodies, political decision-makers, the media and the public. All lobbying activities are based on professionalism, transparency and confidentiality; any misleading use of false, incomplete or misleading information must be refrained from.


2. No unfair influence

In pursuing their interests, Reclay Systems GmbH and its employees do not exert any influence on functionaries which is unfair or inappropriate. The procedure is in particular in line with the legal requirements of the LobbyG as well as the anti-corruption provisions of the StGB.


3. Respectful and non-discriminatory treatment

Reclay Systems GmbH and its employees are committed to respectful and non-discriminatory treatment of its contractual partners, competitors and other interlocutors and respect their professional and personal reputation.


4. Transparency

Reclay Systems GmbH and its employees inform functionaries about their task, identity and specific concerns upon initial contact. They always pass on information available to them in the course of their work truthfully.


5. Conflicts of interest

Reclay Systems GmbH and its employees must avoid any actions that expose a functionary to a possible conflict of interest. Insofar as publicly announced incompatibility provisions or relevant activity restrictions of functionaries exist, these must be observed.