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As fast-moving as everyday life is in today’s world, there are just as many innovations in our group of companies. Because only those who continue to evolve can be successful in the long term. For us, success means making the world a little bit better! Here we report regularly on current developments, topics that are important to us, as well as legal amendments and innovations.


PRO Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd

Last year, the Raan Group became a major shareholder in the Finnish recycling system “Finnish Plastic Recycling Ltd” (Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy) through a subsidiary. The company has recently officially become a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) for all types of packaging materials. On behalf of more than 2,700 licensed producers, glass, paper and cardboard, metal and wooden packaging will also be collected and recycled in the future.

International EPR obligations

In most countries, companies that put packaging on the market must take responsibility for its proper collection, sorting and recycling. To enable the best possible recycling of these recyclable materials, this packaging must be licensed with a collection and recycling system. With the help of the fees, these take-back systems can provide and finance the waste management infrastructure.

Borealis and Reclay Group form new joint entity: Recelerate

Reclay and Borealis form new joint entity, Recelerate, to make plastic circularity a reality. Formed of the waste management expertise of Reclay and the high quality recycling capabilities of Borealis, Recelerate will grow from existing shared strengths across European markets. The new entity will be powered by a smart systems-thinking approach to ensure more post-consumer lightweight packaging (LWP) is sorted and recycled into high quality materials.

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Achieving the EU recycling quota target together or: Austria’s mission 50%

Since 01.01.2023, all light weight packaging has been collected throughout Austria in the yellow bin or the yellow bag. In some regions, metal packaging is also collected in the yellow devices, in others there is still the blue bin. This will be abolished by 2025 at the latest and metal packaging will then be collected throughout Austria in the yellow bin or the yellow bag.

Ban of single use plastic

Every year, several million tons of plastic waste are discharged into the oceans worldwide. Around 85 percent of marine litter consists of plastics. To counteract this trend and protect the environment at the same time, the EU has imposed a directive on single-use plastic items in 2019. According to the directive, EU member states must

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