Assigning a representative for packaging and disposable plastic products

New regulations  

Beginning on January 1, 2023, certain people who do not have a registered office or a branch office in Austria will be required to appoint an authorised representative for the removal of their packaging and/or single-use plastic products. The authorised representative assumes the obligations under packaging law for the principal and is responsible for compliance with the Austrian administrative regulations. 

Which companies must appoint an authorised representative?

  • Foreign mail order companies that place packaging on the market in Austria to private final consumers and 
  • Foreign distance sellers of single-use plastic products (such as wet wipes, balloons, tobacco products, fishing gear, etc.) 

The authorised representative must be appointed irrespective of the registered office of the foreign company, i.e. with a registered office in EU countries or in third countries. 

Can an authorised representative also be appointed voluntarily?

  • Foreign people who distribute packaged goods or packaging to other than private final consumers in Austria and 
  • Foreign manufactures who distribute packaged goods or packaging to other than private final consumers in Austria 

… may voluntarily appoint an authorised representative. The requirement for this is that the client has a registered office in an EU member state. 

We rethink consulting!

Simple processing and assignment of the authorised representative with Reclay

Reclay Systems offers the service as an authorised representative from 1st January 2023 and thus assumes all legal obligations of the customer, such as the conclusion of a system participation contract as well as the corresponding quantity reports. 


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