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“Sustainability needs thought leaders” – the motto of the Reclay Group. But in order to establish a sustainable everyday life throughout Germany, Europe or even the world, it is important that many people are educated and involved. Because only if we change something together can we protect and preserve our environment – and therefore our earth. To this end, we have launched a number of initiatives and projects that we are happy to get involved with.

Overview of our projects

Recycling incentive apps in Canada and Austria

Gone are the days of paperwork and wasting paper and other valuable resources. It is important to find solutions and ideas that are innovative, modern, low-emission and, above all, sustainable. The fact that digital technologies play a key role in this is also an expression of our corporate philosophy.

In our latest reference projects, we rely entirely on digitization at the heart of a modern circular economy. With the Austrian “RecycleMich” app and the Canadian counterpart “Recycle Everywhere”, we reward consumers for recycling their disposable packaging.

The apps are available to all users free of charge in the Android and Apple app stores. After successful registration, you can start: consume the product, find and record recycling containers, scan and recycle empty packaging – points for competitions and other incentives are collected automatically.


Are you also looking for ways to implement digital circular economy solutions for your company? Talk to us, we will be happy to support you!

trendy e. V. (Deutschland)

trendy e. V. is a non-profit association based in Herborn, which is involved in environmental education activities and a social clothing collection for children.

The smallest members of our society are not only the target group of our commitment, but they are actively involved as helpers. The children can take part in the collection of clothes together with their kindergartens, daycare centers, schools or clubs and generate donations for socially and/or health disadvantaged peers with the clothes they donate – according to the motto:

“By children for children”.

Would you like to learn more about the association and/or get involved?

Waste separation works - an initiative of the dual systems in Germany

The EPRsystems organize nationwide the collection, sorting and recycling of used sales packaging for industry and trade. You are responsible for ensuring that the recycling quotas prescribed by the legislator through the Packaging Act are achieved.

Eleven privately organized EPR systems are currently informing consumers about the meaning and purpose of the separate collection of packaging waste, the collection systems set up for this purpose and the correct collection of used packaging with the initiative “Waste separation works”.

Separation note (Germany)

A manufacturer-independent educational symbol for waste separation in Germany

The free separation instructions serve to provide consumers with direct information on how to correctly separate and dispose of packaging. This is intended to increase the amount of packaging collected in the long term and improve the quality of the collection. In addition, the separation instructions serve to make it easier for manufacturers and retailers to educate private end users.
The EPRsystems organize the collection, sorting and recycling of used sales packaging for industry and trade across the country. You are responsible for ensuring that recycling targets prescribed by the legislator under the Packaging Act are met. The majority of the systems have decided to jointly offer manufacturer-independent labeling for packaging.

Waste Management Day in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Waste Management Day (DOH – Deň Odpadového Hospodárstva) has been held in Bratislava every year since 2006.

It is organized by the Reclay subsidiaries Reclay Slovensko and Reclay Systems GmbH Austria and the Slovakian Ministry of the Environment.

Around 200 experts from politics and business come together to exchange views on the current status of waste management in Slovakia and Europe. The main topics are the transition to a global circular economy and Slovakia’s waste management.


The “Golden Ant” Awards

As part of the Waste Management Day, outstanding projects in Slovakian waste management are awarded the “Golden Ant”. Companies, municipalities, interest and citizen groups as well as students can apply in five categories: municipal waste management, operational waste management, innovative solutions, environmental education and student projects.


Research Projects

Project "PET-2-PACK"

Industry project for recyclable PET trays in Austria

As part of the PET-2-PACK project, a closed-loop system for PET rigid packaging, such as (meat, vegetable, fruit) trays, drinking cups, foils, lids, transparent packaging, serving bowls, screw-top cans, etc. , to be developed in Austria. The duration of the project is set at three years.
Reclay Systems GmbH in Austria is involved as a partner. The project management lies with the FH Campus Wien.

Project “ReWaste F”

COMET project in Austria

In the “ReWaste F” project, a “smart waste factory” is being developed, which is equipped with interconnected waste data, machines and sensors. The digital connection will be via a unified horizontally and vertically integrated “digital platform” that will enable overall plant monitoring, control and optimization based on online and ontime communication between waste quality and machine performance.

Reclay Systems GmbH Austria is among the ten partners selected for the four-year project.



Development of a recycling technology for PET waste plastics from multi-layer material and other waste composites

revolPET aims to develop and experimentally test a chemical recycling process for PET waste plastics made from multilayer and other mixed materials. The solvolysis process is being further developed in such a way that a continuous process concept is implemented and mixed PET waste can be processed. As a result, PET composite materials can be separated into the basic substances and thus sent for further recycling.
Reclay Systems GmbH Germany is a partner in the project.


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