Take back systems

Are you a manufacturer or distributor and do you put packaging into circulation? Then you are obligated to participate your packaging in a take-back system, to take care of the corresponding recycling and to provide sustainable recovery.

Whether it is sales packaging, transport packaging, packaging for hazardous goods, batteries and rechargeable batteries or electrical equipment – Reclay supports you in the implementation of your obligations and guarantees the efficient take-back and licensing of your packaging. We are also happy to assist you in an international context, as each (EU) country has its own laws and its own obligations. We help you maintain an overview of the complex legal situation here – so that you can continue to concentrate fully on your core business.


Our services


We handle your packaging legal obligations.

Other collection systems

We take care of your other EPR obligations.

Digital solutions

We recognized the potential of a digitally supported circular economy early on, and together with and for our customers we are opening up new areas.

International solutions

You export your products abroad? According to the EU Packaging Directive, you are obliged to take back the corresponding packaging. We support you in this.

Partner information

Are you a partner? Then you will find all relevant information summarized compactly here.

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