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Sustainable recycling has become an integral part of a modern circular economy. With the “European Green Deal”, the European Union created a strategy to ensure that economic actors become climate-neutral by 2050. At the same time, economic growth should be decoupled from resource consumption (European Commission, 2020).
For the Reclay Group as an environmental service provider along the value chain and its customers from industry, trade and commerce, the “EU Circular Economy Package” poses many exciting challenges and enables innovative solution concepts.
The sustainable use of valuable resources must be considered right from the start of a product to keep the raw material in the cycle over the long term. Recyclable packaging plays just as important a role as innovative recycling technologies and the use of secondary raw materials.

On the following pages you will find out more about our focal points for a modern circular economy.

Our focus

Secondary raw materials

As an EPR system, we are experts for all questions relating to packaging and its recycling. From recyclability to the reuse of recyclates, we are at your side as a partner.


Innovative Technologies

We are involved in numerous international research projects and discuss current topics such as recyclability, the use of recyclates, chemical recycling, the sorting systems of tomorrow, and much more with experts.

Research Projects

To be a sustainability pioneer, we are in constant contact with partners from industry and research. We are involved in various national and international projects.

Reclay circle of friends

Tailored raw materials that are as recyclable as possible: The Reclay Group has made it its calling to accompany companies on their way towards sustainability and to offer clear solutions for the increasing demands of consumers.

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