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Here you will find important documents and infographics for download.

Tariff list 2024

Tariff List_01.01.2024_Reclay Systems

Results on tender areas for collection

Ergebnis Ausschreibung Verpackungssammlung 2023-2027 Reclay Systems
Ergebnis Ausschreibung Sammelregionen 2018-2022 Reclay Systems GmbH

Portraits of the Management

Here you can download photos of our leaders.

Raffael A. Fruscio, Owner and Shareholder
Dr. Fritz Flanderka, General Manager Reclay Holding
Jens Nießmann, General Manager Reclay Holding
Christian Abl, General Manager Reclay Holding & Reclay Systems
Gottfried Bieglmayer, General Manager Reclay Systems
Marisa Pia Scholz, General Manager Reclay Systems

Separation guides & infographics

Here you will find important documents and infographics for download.

Guideline authorised representative

Guideline authorised representative

Separation Guides

Reclay - Separation Guide - Lightweight Packaging
Reclay - Separation Guide - Packaging Made of Metal
Reclay - Separation Guide - Lightweight and Metal Packaging

List of Participants in the System

The system participant list for Austria can be found at the VKS Packaging Coordination Office.