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…is an internationally oriented service provider in the field of extended producer responsibility (EPR) and voluntary solutions for closing material cycles as well as all related tasks. Our aim is to create added value through our daily activities: for the environment, for our customers, for our employees and therefore for our group of companies.

Reclay Group in France

Reclay France is made up of 2 companies, Léko eco-organization in charge of managing the EPR of Household Packaging and RecycleMe By Valorie, a circular economy consulting firm.


Léko is an eco-organization approved by the French State in charge of managing, on behalf of companies which produce or import packaged products on French territory, their Extended Producer Responsibility, for the management of household packaging. As such, Léko is authorized to collect eco-contributions from these companies called “Producers” in proportion to the quantities of packaging placed on the French market each year (article L541-10 of the environmental code).

The amounts collected by Léko contribute to financing the prevention, collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of this packaging.

RecycleMe By Valorie

Circular economy consulting firm, RecycleMe By Valorie offers a range of enhanced international services around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), whether regulatory, operational or technical support.

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Our responsibility

Committed to performance

We feel responsible – for your economic success, but also for improving your climate footprint. A contradiction? Quite the opposite! Because not only do you benefit from our efficient solutions, but so does the environment. That’s what makes us so authentic and successful as a company.

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