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Solving circular economy issues is increasingly important. Legal requirements are developing fast and the pressure from consumers for ecological products is increasing. At RecycleMe we live for the circular economy industry and see it as our duty to care for the improve the planet through our actions.

For us, sustainability is not just a concept, it is lived practice. With the help of our experts and our know-how in the recycling industry, we advise companies in the field of circular economy on the topics of recyclability and extended producer responsibility (EPR). We help do our part to close the loop.

RecycleMe was founded to meet the constantly growing need for advice on everything to do with the circular economy. Here we have assembled a team of over 30 experts to advise you even more comprehensively on the topics of closing the loop and ensuring products and packaging meet regulatory obligations.

Our offer at RecycleMe is divided into four areas.

Our areas

Recyclability optimization and assessment with circulate

RecycleMe helps you gain insights into international rules, infrastructure and the recycling of valuable packaging materials. We evaluate and optimize the recyclability of your packaging by creating a digital twin of your packaging and validating recyclability performance through real sorting tests – from theoretical to technical to practical recyclability.


We have partnered with TÜV SÜD to certify the recyclability of your packaging. Your packaging is evaluated using a standardized process and then receives a certificate of recyclability valid for three years.


(Inter)national EPR obligations – with complyMe

With complyMe you are on the safe side! Our team has decades of experience in the international EPR business. This allows us to access and analyse master data, to carry-out verification tests and to ensure correct reporting of your packaging and product quantities.


Operational circular economy and waste management

Do you want to align your company with the circular economy? We help you tackle product-specific challenges to attain high-quality recycling of materials in your company. To ensure an optimal operational circular economy, an ongoing analysis of operational waste management is a key step. We help you perfect a sustainable and efficient design of the internal waste disposal processes to continuously adapt to company-specific and waste law requirements your company works on.


Initiatives and Projects

We are passionate about a sustainable environment and society and promote the circular economy with our know-how, initiatives and projects.


We rethink consulting!

How our services benefit you

  • Advice from independent experts with decades of experience in the international EPR and PRO field
  • Support through cross-border compliance monitoring to ensure legal compliance in an international context
  • International packaging optimization and ensuring practical recyclability
  • Innovative and future-oriented partner to strengthen your company
  • Digitization as a basic building block of our product portfolio

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