Reclay Friends of Recycling

Tailored raw materials that are as recyclable as possible: the Reclay Group has set itself the goal of not only accompanying companies on their way towards sustainability, but also of offering clear solutions for the increasing demands of consumers.


From 2021, the well-known Pritt glue stick from Henkel will be available in more sustainable packaging: from now on, depending on the product size, the newly launched sleeves for the glue sticks will consist of up to 65% post-industrial recycled plastic and can also be fed into the material cycle and fully recycled when empty. The development of the packaging goes back to a successful collaboration between the two companies, during which the Reclay Group was entrusted with the coordination of the entire project. This allowed process requirements and technical features of the Pritt glue stick tobe taken into account when selecting the recyclate to find a suitable secondary raw material for the new generation of glue sticks. Processing properties, delivery reliability, qualities and quantities of the recyclate are decisive. With the use of the post-industrial recyclate, another important step towards sustainability has been taken.


Together with Henkel, the trade association of the chemical industry in Austria and other partners, we close the complete loop for detergent bottles. The successful pilot project closes the loop regionally in Austria and increases the recyclate content in HDPE bottles to achieve a minimum recyclate content of 60% rHDPE. This is a pioneering circular model that leads to a low-waste future. In cooperation with relevant partners in the value chain, we develop concrete solutions for the realization of a functioning circular economy.

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