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As fast-moving as everyday life is in today’s world, there are just as many innovations in our group of companies. Because only those who continue to evolve can be successful in the long term. For us, success means making the world a little bit better! Here we report regularly on current developments, topics that are important to us, as well as legal amendments and innovations.

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Reclay ranks among Germany’s Best
in the Field of Sustainability

In a study by the german Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), Deutschland Test and Focus, Reclay was awarded in the category “Germany’s Best – Sustainability”. For the survey, online news portals and social media channels were evaluated on previously defined search terms. The survey examined which companies and brands were mentioned, how often, and which tonality (positive, neutral, negative) the mention had.

Borealis and Reclay Group form new joint entity: Recelerate

Reclay and Borealis form new joint entity, Recelerate, to make plastic circularity a reality. Formed of the waste management expertise of Reclay and the high quality recycling capabilities of Borealis, Recelerate will grow from existing shared strengths across European markets. The new entity will be powered by a smart systems-thinking approach to ensure more post-consumer lightweight packaging (LWP) is sorted and recycled into high quality materials.

Reclay and Borealis establish strategic partnership

The partners will tackle the challenge of plastic packaging waste and its recycling together. The unique strategic partnership will combine the complementary strengths and capabilities of both players in the plastics recycling value-chain, starting with Germany, one of the largest European recycling markets. The agreement secures plastic waste from Reclay for Borealis to convert and revalorise in high-quality recyclate materials.

Reclay supports global EPR models

We advocate for international awareness of the need for mandatory and contributory EPR models. Read our statement on a recent paper by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which highlights the possibilities of such EPR models in the fight against pollution.

Reclay is “Trendsetter of Economy”

We are very proud to be recognized as a “Trendsetter of the Economy in the year 2021” by F.A.Z. We are among the chosen companies in the category “Management Consultants”, together with established and globally respected consultants such as Porsche Consulting, Roland Berger and Accenture.

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