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As fast-moving as everyday life is in today’s world, there are just as many innovations in our group of companies. Because only those who continue to evolve can be successful in the long term. For us, success means making the world a little bit better! Here we report regularly on current developments, topics that are important to us, as well as legal amendments and innovations.

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PRO Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd

Last year, the Raan Group became a major shareholder in the Finnish recycling system “Finnish Plastic Recycling Ltd” (Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy) through a subsidiary. The company has recently officially become a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) for all types of packaging materials. On behalf of more than 2,700 licensed producers, glass, paper and cardboard, metal and wooden packaging will also be collected and recycled in the future.

International EPR obligations

In most countries, companies that put packaging on the market must take responsibility for its proper collection, sorting and recycling. To enable the best possible recycling of these recyclable materials, this packaging must be licensed with a collection and recycling system.

EPR expertise is the way to an international circular economy

We currently have the opportunity to contribute our expertise in the area of extended producer responsibility (EPR) in various projects outside of Europe. This brings economic opportunities for us as a group of companies. However, we also see the internationalisation of functioning EPR systems as our corporate responsibility.

Reclay ranks among Germany’s Best
in the Field of Sustainability

In a study by the german Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), Deutschland Test and Focus, Reclay was awarded in the category “Germany’s Best – Sustainability”. For the survey, online news portals and social media channels were evaluated on previously defined search terms. The survey examined which companies and brands were mentioned, how often, and which tonality (positive, neutral, negative) the mention had.

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Reclay is “Trendsetter of Economy”

We are very proud to be recognized as a “Trendsetter of the Economy in the year 2021” by F.A.Z. We are among the chosen companies in the category “Management Consultants”, together with established and globally respected consultants such as Porsche Consulting, Roland Berger and Accenture.

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