Glass and lightweight packaging detection

EPR systems award new disposal contracts from 2022

Around a third of the glass and lightweight collection contracts will be reassigned as of January 1st, 2022. The contracts are published in an area tender. Interested disposal companies can register on the tender platform from April 26, 2021 and view the contracts to be awarded. Each area is usually advertised for a period of three years.


As the tender manager, Reclay is responsible for the following areas of the tender:


BB113-GEGlass detectionLK Märkisch-Oderland
Glass detectionSt. Bremen

Glass detectionSt. Lüneburg

Glass detectionLK Emsland

Glass detection
LK Neunkirchen

Glass detectionLK St. Wendel
RP004-GEGlass detectionLK Ahrweiler

Glass detectionStadt Bochum

Glass detectionLK Waldshut

Glass detectionLK Landshut

Glass detectionSt. Fürth

Glass detectionLK Freising

Glass detectionSt. Wasserburg a. Inn
BB110-LELVP detectionStadt Frankfurt (Oder)
BB117-LE*LVP detectionLK Potsdam-Mittelmark
LVP detectionLK Hannover
NS014-LE*LVP detectionLK Schaumburg
NS047-LE*LVP detectionSt. Delmenhorst
NS054-LELVP detectionLK Osnabrück
LVP detectionInsel Sylt
BW018-LELVP detectionLK Böblingen

LVP detectionLK Aichach-Friedberg
BY021-LELVP detectionLK Amberg-Sulzbach
BY041-LELVP detectionLK Starnberg
LVP detectionSt. Wasserburg a. Inn
BY101-LELVP detectionLK Ebersberg
LVP detectionKreis Euskirchen

LVP detectionStadt Brühl
NW055-LELVP detectionKreis Herford

LVP detectionStadt Hagen

*Due to framework conditions, there will be a switch from bag to bin in the following areas from 2022: BB117, NS014 and NS047


Below you will find all glass and LVP tender guide areas of Reclay Systems GmbH that are currently valid in 2021, presented in a PDF file.

Target figures / billing shares

To provide your quantity report and monthly accounting, you need our plan figures and billing shares. You can find the information in the protected area of our disposal portal.


Reclay Disposal Portal


Reclay Systems has to keep a quantity flow record every year. This documents the return and recycling of the packaging licensed in our EPR system. The basis for the quantity flow verification is the documentation of the quantity movements by our contractual partners. We process your digital weighing tickets via our Reclay disposal portal. With the monthly balance sheet confirmation, you show us that you have completed your bookings for the month. The data can then no longer be changed and your invoice will be generated for payment after receipt of the correct reports and the confirmation of the balance sheet.

Please note that different cost units have to be booked depending on the service year. It is possible for us to delimit additional amounts.


The cost bearers 2024:

LVP:  108731 Redual

Glas: 108732 Redual

PPK: 85303 Redual


The cost bearers 2023:

LVP: 108404 Redual

Glas: 108403 Redual

PPK:  85303 Redual


The cost bearers 2022:

LVP: 107826 Redual

Glas: 107827 Redual

PPK:  85303 Redual


The cost bearers 2021:

LVP: 106965 Redual

Glas: 106966 Redual

PPK:  85303 Redual


You don't have access to our reporting portal yet?

Please send us the name and email address of your reporting entity or staff using the contact form below.

Our EPR back office stores your information in the system and sends you your access data.

Addendum booking month

Please contact us using the contact form on this page.


Paper – Cardboard (PPK)

To document our volume flow record, we receive monthly digital weighing slips for paper and cardboard packaging recorded and removed by the public waste management authority (örE) or its commissioned third party as part of Annex 7 (see also Annex 7, §7 of your coordination agreement). We have compiled some questions and answers about the reports for you below. If you have any further questions, please contact our back office via the contact form.
Please note the booking to the correct cost unit 2021: PPK: 8530

Frequently asked questions

When is the quantity report made?

The quantity report is made monthly for each contract area using the software wmeFact .


How do I assign the quantity reports generated in wme.fact to Reclay Systems?

After reporting in wme.fact, the generated report files (ZIP files) can be uploaded to the Reclay Systems customer portal.

How do I get access to the Reclay reporting portal?

Please use the contact form to send us the contact details of the individuals who are allowed to report for you in the Reclay portal. Please provide your last name, first name, email address and telephone number. We will generate an access account and send you the access data by email. You can now report for the contract areas that have been assigned to you.

Where can I find the planned figures / call-off quantities of Reclay Systems?

The planned figures and call-off quantities are displayed to you in our Duales System Reclay Portal and are also stated on the balance sheet. To do this, please click on the “Plan figures” tab and select the desired period.

What to do once the quantities have been successfully uploaded?

After the quantity reports have been made and uploaded to the reporting portal, they can be confirmed (balance sheet confirmation). As soon as we have received the correct report and the confirmation of the balance sheet, we will issue the invoices we have received for payment.

What if the quantity report contains errors or a subsequent report has to be made and the balance sheet has already been confirmed?

If this is the case, please inform the back office, stating the affected contract area and month. We will then give you the opportunity to correct it. The balance sheet must then be confirmed again.

What if an error message appears after uploading the data?

Please check the information in the error log. If the information from the error log (page 2) does not help you, please contact the back office. We’ll help you fix them quickly.

What should be considered if Reclay has chosen publication?

Please note that the assigned paper/cardboard quantity must then be physically handed over to Reclay in the current calendar year (in installments). Notifications of availability are to be sent to the mailbox . Further information can also be found in the recycling section.

What is to be considered with the RG position?

To  be able to guarantee a speedy processing of your invoice, we ask you to consider the following when creating the receipt:

  1. the respective contract area number must be listed,
  2. all information according to § 14 UStG must be included,
  3. the VAT identification number of the customer (DE 267412181) must be specified,
  4. an individual invoice is to be issued for each contract area and the respective month,
  5. the invoice is to be addressed to the address to be specified by the customer, currently Reclay Systems GmbH, Im Zollhafen 2-4, 50678 Cologne.
  6. Invoices should be sent in electronic form as far as possible. The electronic invoice is to be emailed to  in PDF format.
  7. An individual invoice and a separate PDF document must be generated for each contract and the respective month
    1. the invoice document must always begin on page 1
    2. PDF must be created with at least 300 DPI (DPI horizontal = DPI vertical)
    3. Attachments either follow the invoice as additional pages in the same file or as separate PDF files.

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