Agreement reached in the PPWR negotiations

The European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament agreed on a final compromise text yesterday, 4 March 2024, during the trilogue negotiations. The parties were able to reach an agreement at the last moment to enable the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) to be adopted before the European elections (6 to 9 June 2024).


Reclay welcomes agreement on PPWR

As Reclay Group, we welcome this development and are now looking forward to the approval of the Council and the European Parliament. “The agreement on the final texts of the legislation was a very important step on the way to the adoption of the PPWR,” says Dr. Fritz Flanderka, Managing Director of the Reclay Group. “This is really good news for the international circular economy of the future, especially in light of the reporting on possible agreements to prevent this agreement.”


PPWR is a great opportunity for the Circular Economy of the future

A mandatory recycling-friendly design of packaging from 2030 and the introduction of minimum recycling quotas for plastic packaging are among the key elements of the PPWR. “These points are decisive incentives for companies that produce packaging or place it on the market. A requirement at EU level is a great opportunity for the entire industry to implement recyclable and international solutions,” says Flanderka.


Learn more in our webinar

If the regulation is passed, Dr Flanderka will talk about the upcoming changes in a webinar organised by our sister company RecycleMe in the coming weeks. If you are interested, you can already register now on our waiting list so as not to miss any further information. The webinar will be held in German language.