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Would you also like to keep as many recyclable materials in the economy as possible? We are constantly looking for new, reliable sorting and recycling partners who would like to recycle packaging with us and thus preserve the environment for posterity.
For the award of the sorting service, we hold ongoing discussions with our long-standing service partners. If you are interested, please contact us!

Conserving resources through recycling – that is our goal!


secondary raw materials

Bringing secondary raw materials back into the material loop is a heartfelt care for us! The topic of recycling is on everyone’s lips and fortunately has become an integral part of everyday life. More and more products are “reborn” a second time. There are no limits to creativity, because recyclates can be used in many different ways. With every recycling and use, we conserve important resources. Every recycled packaging and every recycled product is another step in the right direction – towards progress!
Would you like to walk this path with us? Feel free to contact us!
Please send deployment notifications using the link below.

What should be considered when issuing a credit note/invoicing?

  • the respective disposition/order number must be listed,
  •  all information according to § 14 UStG must be included,
  • the sales tax identification number of the client (DE 267412181) must be given,
  • the invoice is to be sent to the address to be specified by the client, currently Reclay Systems GmbH, Im Zollhafen 2-4, 50678 Cologne address.
  • Invoices/credit notes should be sent in electronic form as far as possible. The electronic invoice/credit note should be emailed to in PDF format.
  •  The invoice document must always start on page 1. PDF must be created with at least 300 DPI (DPI horizontal = DPI vertical).
  • Attachments either follow the invoice as additional pages in the same file or as separate PDF files.

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