Take back systems

You are a manufacturer or distributor and put packaging onto the market? Then you are required to register your packaging with a take back system, and to arrange for its recycling.

Whether it’s sales packaging, transport packaging, packaging for goods containing hazardous substances, batteries and accumulators or electronic devices – Reclay can help you fulfill  your obligations and ensures that your packaging is taken back and licensed efficiently. We also assist you internationally, because every (EU) country has its own laws and its own obligations. We help you to maintain an overview of the complex legal situation – so that you can continue to concentrate on your core business.


With activate, you can fulfil your legal obligations quickly and easily. With your legally compliant licensing with activate, you ensure the professional and environmentally sound disposal and recycling of your packaging.

Reclay customer portal

Here you will find the reporting portal exclusively for our contract customers. This makes it easy for you to report quantities.

Reclay Disposal Portal

Direct access for our disposal companies. Here you can also query the target figures per quarter.

Our services


In Germany, packaging is subject to producer responsibility.

This means that you as the manufacturer are obliged to ensure that your packaging is taken back and recycled. We handle your obligations under packaging law.

Other collection systems

In addition to the classic sales and transport packaging, there are other product obligations that place special requirements on take-back and proper disposal. We support you in this. and take care of your other EPR obligations.

Digital solutions

We recognised the potential of a digitally supported circular economy early on, and together with and for our customers we are opening up new areas.

International solutions

Do you export your products abroad? This means that you are obliged under the EU Packaging Directive to ensure that the corresponding packaging is taken back. We support you in this.

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