Procircular receives authorisation as PRO in Spain

After the company was founded last year in 2023, Procircular received authorisation in Spain in April as a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO). With Procircular, companies that produce packaging or place it on the Spanish market have the opportunity to cover all types of packaging for the first time – i.e. household, commercial and industrial packaging – via one PRO.

  • Procircular is authorised as a PRO for the Spanish market. This makes Procircular the first PRO that accepts household, commercial and industrial packaging in equal measure.
  • This offer creates new opportunities for all companies that are active on the Spanish market and want to fulfil their obligations as producers or distributors of packaging without having to register with various PROs.
  • Procircular was initiated in 2023 by the Raan Group, among others, which already operates several PROs worldwide with its Reclay brand. With this strong background, Procircular can draw on over 20 years of international experience in extended producer responsibility (EPR) and the development of efficient waste management models.

Madrid, 08.05.2024.

Procircular is the first company in Spain to be authorised to operate a PRO for all packaging materials and types of packaging and will therefore process household, commercial and industrial packaging. Furthermore, the service will apply to the entire Spanish market, regardless of where the packaging waste is generated.

Uncomplicated process for obligated companies

For companies that produce packaging for the Spanish market or place it on the market there, it will be much easier to fulfil their EPR obligations. The EPR principle obliges companies that put packaging into circulation in Spain to also be responsible for the collection, sorting and recycling of these recyclable materials. This obligation can be fulfilled by participating in a PRO such as Procircular.

In Spain, the regulations for packaging and packaging waste were revised in 2022. With this revision, from the year 2025 on, the regulations will also apply to commercial and industrial packaging and no longer just to household packaging. Procircular now offers a service for the first time that covers all packaging subject to EPR obligations equally via one PRO. From now on, obligated companies only need to register with Procircular.

Innovative service for the entire packaging life cycle

With an innovative mix of traditional PRO services and consulting services, Procircular also covers the entire life cycle of packaging. Customised offers are tailored to the customer’s needs and range from ecological design in the packaging manufacturing process to recycling and reintroduction into the cycle. Procircular supports and advises companies as early as the packaging development stage in order to packaging them more recyclable and sustainable, which in turn optimises the efficiency of the subsequent collection, sorting and recycling processes.

“We are entering the market to improve packaging recycling in Spain,” explains Carmen Sanchez, CEO of Procircular. “We are offering our customers a much simpler process with a comprehensive solution from a single source, without them having to participate in different PROs. Our aim is also to include materials in the recycling process that have so far been neglected in Spain. This way, we
ensure greater availability of recycled material, which companies can reintegrate into their manufacturing processes. Together, we are realising the full potential of recycling and keeping important recyclable materials in the cycle.”

International experience and support

Procircular was initiated by the Raan Group in co-operation with manufacturing companies from Spain. The Raan Group also owns the Reclay brand, which is already operating PROs in various countries around the world. The Raan Group offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in the field of circular economy and EPR. This expertise and more than 20 years of experience in the sector at an international level enable Procircular to offer the right solutions to Spanish companies looking to expand into other markets and territories. “The launch of Procircular is a very important step for us as a group of companies. The Spanish market is one of the most significant markets in Europe and forms an essential part of our expansion strategy,” says Gülcan Kisa-Ibrahim, Director Business Development Iberia & LATAM of the Raan Group.

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