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We are among the leading experts and thought leaders in our fields, both nationally and internationally. We are not salespeople but consultants who focus on the needs of our customers and work with them to develop tailor-made solutions.

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Raffael A. Fruscio

“In the future, a solution for environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability will involve less ownership and more flexibility!”

Raffael Fruscio, managing partner, founded the Reclay Group in 2002, which is headquartered in Herborn, Hesse. Against the background of the amendments to the Packaging Ordinance, the breaking up of the monopoly surrounding the green dot and the emergence of the market for EPR systems in Germany, he and his team of industry experts have been developing an ever more comprehensive, sustainable range of services, which is covered by specialized subsidiaries . As the head of the international company, he is responsible for the strategic orientation of the group, develops new business areas and heads the holding company management.


Dr. Fritz Flanderka

“There is no alternative but to switch from a linear to a circular economy. It is the only way we can succeed in tackling important global issues such as CO2 reduction or fighting marine pollution in a meaningful and promising way.”

Dr.Fritz Flanderka has been Managing Director of the Reclay Group since 2005. In addition to managing various operational areas, he is jointly responsible for the strategic direction of the group.

until 2005, The doctor of law and licensed attorney previously played a decisive role in the development of the EPRsystem in Germany and the European umbrella organization of EPR systems in his work as general representative of “Der Grüne Punkt-Duales System Deutschland AG” and as managing director of “Packaging Recovery Organization Europe sprl”. Since then, he has been closely involved in the further legal development of the regulatory environment and represents the Reclay Group in numerous committees.

Dr.Flanderka is a sought-after speaker and regular contributor  to specialist articles. He is also the main author of Germany’s standard commentary on the Packaging Act.


Fritz Flanderka nimmt Stellung zur ARD-Dokumentation "Die Recyclinglüge"

Reclay Germany

Jens Nießmann

“The importance of the interactions between humans and the environment is increasingly clear. We will only be able to successfully meet the growing challenges to a sustainable economy with competence, creativity and the courage to make changes. That’s what we stand for.”


Jens Nießmann has helped shape the growth of the Reclay Group in various national and international management positions since 2005. As managing director, he is responsible for the finances of the group, as well as for the areas of IT and mass flow. The industrial engineer stands for interdisciplinary thinking and solution-oriented approaches. Based on his many years of industry and consulting experience, he supports and advises international key accounts from trade and industry on their positioning on packaging compliance, recyclability and recycled content. In addition, Jens Nießmann is a publicly appointed and sworn expert for packaging disposal.

Sabrina Goebel

“Rethinking things drives me. I would like to realize our vision beyond existing borders. It appeals to me to create meaningful solutions with innovative approaches.”


Sabrina Goebel has been with the Reclay Group since 2006. The business administration graduate started working in the sales department of the Reclay group of companies and once again proved her innovative, solution-oriented way of thinking. Today she is responsible for the separate consulting company RecycleMe: With her team of 30 experienced industry experts, Sabrina Goebel offers her customers the opportunity with circulate products to support strategic decisions with relevant information from the field of circular economy as well as their packaging design with regard to various parameters to optimize. With the comprehensive service complyMe, the team also supports customers in fulfilling manufacturer obligations.


Antti Tiilikainen

“I think in loops! To meaningfully implement this way of thinking, we need new ways of working and approaches as well as a change in established practices.”

Antti Tiilikainen has been part of the Reclay Group since 2009. After almost 12 successful years as Head of Sales, the business administration graduate is now responsible for sales as Managing Director and is responsible for overall sales for Europe. He is also responsible for the strategic planning of the entire sales area. Due to his many years of experience and his comprehensive know-how, he is considered an absolute expert in his field and passes this on to his entire sales team.


Christian Abl

“I think that secondary raw materials are our future. We have to start living sustainability now – this is only possible with innovative technologies to both procure and use recyclates”.

Christian Abl has been Managing Director of the Reclay Group since 2019. Based in Vienna, he is responsible for the recycling business units and  secondary raw materials and innovative technologies. He is also responsble for the subsidiaries in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

He gained international experience in Slovakia and Finland. In the United Arab Emirates, together with a Finnish investor, he set up a processing plant for alternative fuels.

The business and economics graduate can look back on a career spanning more than 20 years in waste management and the cement industry in Europe, South America and the Middle East.


Christian Abl

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