Citizen information

EPR systems are responsible for ensuring that the recycling quotas prescribed by the legislator in the Packaging Act are achieved. To this end, they organize nationwide collection, sorting and recycling of used sales packaging for industry and trade.

To ensure sustainable use of our increasingly scarce resources, we have to close material loops . You create an important basis for this as a private individual and consumer – because with the right waste sorting you make a significant contribution to a functioning recycling system and to our environment.

It is crucial that you put all empty packaging in the yellow bag or bin. We call packaging that has to be disposed of in this way lightweight packaging . It is typically made of plastic, aluminum, ferrous metals and composite materials such as beverage cartons. After collection, they are sorted in a sorting plant and then sent for recycling. Your packaging made of glass and paper is also recycled.
In order for recycling to be as successful as possible, it is also crucial to sort the individual components. For example, a yoghurt lid must be sorted separately from the cup in the yellow bag/yellow bin. If packaging is made of paper, then it is put in the paper bin. For glass packaging, use the collection bin in or near your home. Properly sorted household waste has a direct impact on the recycling rate. Please act responsibly!


Information according to § 14 VerpackG

Reclay Systems GmbH and the operators of other EPR systems inform consumers online throughthe nationwide initiative “Müllseparation effect” ( about the meaning and purpose of the separate collection of packaging waste as well as the collection systems and recycling structures set up for this purpose.
Reclay Systems GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Reclay Holding GmbH, which in turn is a subsidiary of Raan GmbH based in 35745 Herborn. The sole shareholder of Raan GmbH is Mr. Raffael A. Fruscio. Further information about the company can be found in the imprint  of this page.