The reporting volumes in Germany continue to raise questions

In our “Klartext” from 15 May 2024, we commented on the fact that the Q2 market shares of the dual systems (PROs) in Germany showed a decline in reported volumes, while collection volumes were on the rise.

This was a development that we could not understand, as the companies that participate their packaging with Reclay had reported as expected – and other factors such as the global economic situation did not provide a proper explanation for the observed volume trend.


The ZSVR must clarify the facts

One month later, this development was confirmed. The German packaging register “Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister” (ZSVR) has yet to issue a statement. In our view, such a statement from the authority, whose sovereign tasks also include checking the data reports from manufacturers and systems, is urgently needed.

For this reason, we continue to hope that the ZSVR will also monitor the situation and clarify the facts accordingly.

Disposal partners must be involved in monitoring

There must be some reason why collection volumes are rising and reported volumes are falling. Is it due to increasing rates of misthrowing (incorrectly disposed of waste in the yellow bag or yellow bin makes it difficult or even impossible to recycle valuable raw materials)? Is it possible that residual waste ends up in the collection of recyclable waste and finally in the sorting plants, where it has to be sorted at great expense and then sent for expensive incineration?
To rule out this possibility, we are appealing to our disposal partners to check the contents of their bins even more closely. After all, this control is part of our partners’ mission: incorrectly filled bins should not be transported away.


Ultimately, everyone has to play their part in the circular economy

Last but not least, it is also important to make end consumers more responsible in the disposal process. This is because waste is initially discarded exactly where the used packaging is disposed of.

As one of 10 dual systems in Germany, we as Reclay have been intensively involved in the Waste Separation Works initiative for several years now, which aims to do precisely this educational work: we need to raise awareness of the fact that any packaging that we can keep in the cycle can be a valuable resource. Under the leadership of spokesperson Axel Subklew, the Waste Separation Works initiative is creating fantastic campaigns to raise this awareness among everyone.

Ultimately, the circular economy in the packaging sector can only work if everyone plays their part – from the ZSVR to the waste management industry and end consumers.