International solutions collection systems

Other countries, other rules. Particularly when it comes to special topics such as the return of hazardous filling materials or batteries and electrical appliances, there are special requirements for manufacturers in an international context. Whether it’s the European Packaging Directive or the EU WEEE Directive – you’re in the right place with us.


  • Advice on legal obligations in the respective countries – adapted to your sales structure.
  • Compliance checks that examine an obligation in the respective country and clarify who must fulfill this obligation.
  • Continuous information on legal changes in the individual countries.
  • Registration with the relevant systems and organization of the respective quantity reports.
  • Information about deadlines and submission dates of country-specific reports.


We cooperate worldwide with partners in disposal and can take over the complete handling for you. Feel free to contact us and we will analyze your individual situation and check your obligations.

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