Recyclability and packaging optimization with circulate

Today, the packaging of a product is more important than ever: In addition to product protection, a customer-specific design and the sustainability of the packaging, above all the aspect of recyclability is essential. This states to what extent a packaging can be recycled and thus influences the ecological sustainability as well as the circulation.

With our modular product “circulate by RecycleMe”, we have succeeded in digitally mapping the sorting and recycling infrastructure: circulate maps recyclability across Europe both as a digital twin and in practice. The building blocks of this offering are the online tool, which you can use to have your packaging evaluated according to the minimum standard of the Central Packaging Register (ZSVR), our studies and cross-national analyses in the area of practical recyclability, and our workshops and expert assessments, which we use to optimize packaging and check for compliance.

Our services


With circulate°insights you get an overview of the waste management infrastructure as well as the waste legal conditions in the individual countries. We would be happy to develop innovative (market) studies for your specific questions.


Have the recyclability of your packaging certified with a seal of approval. To do this, we create your digital twin, which is then not only certified by TÜV SÜD, but also receives a recognized test mark.


With circulate°optimize, we conduct a holistic view of your packaging. In doing so, we take into account the requirements of your products, identify possible potential and optimize your packaging with a view to the circular economy. Together, we ensure that your packaging stays in the cycle.

circulate°expert and circulate°expert+

Our team of experts calculates the recyclability based on all desired parameters and creates a digital twin of your packaging.

With circulate°expert+, we not only check the digitally simulated recyclability of your packaging, but also transfer it into practice. Using sorting tests, we check for you how your packaging actually performs in sorting. In the process, you will learn more about the exact processes in sorting and in which fraction your packaging is subsequently to be classified.


With circulate°easy, our online tool, you simply calculate the recyclability of your packaging yourself and receive individual optimization suggestions at the push of a button – from digital twin to evaluation of your packaging in just a few minutes.

Your advantages

  • Risk and compliance management through targeted recommendations for action
  • You always stay up to date
  • Simple and professional packaging optimization
  • Contribution to the increase of the quantity of well recyclable packaging
  • From digitally simulated evaluation to practice
  • Conformity with regard to new standards and legal texts

You can find more about our comprehensive product circulate by recycleMe here

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