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Reclay Systems GmbH, based in Vienna, is one of the leading collection and recycling systems for packaging in Austria. The company was formed in 2010 from a cooperation between the internationally active Reclay Group and the renowned Austrian Umweltforum Haushalt (UFH). As of May 2021, Reclay UFH has repositioned itself on the Austrian market as Reclay Systems and stands for sustainability, quality and innovation in the area of collection, sorting and recycling of packaging as well as the procurement of secondary raw materials of the material cycle.


In order to provide our customers not only with high-quality recyclates, but also with holistic support in the field of sustainable packaging management, we offer the following services in cooperation with our consulting company RecycleMe solutions for optimizing the recyclability of their packaging as well as support in meeting international obligations around extended producer responsibility.

Entrance area of Reclay Systems GmbH in Austria.

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