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She’s on everyone’s lips. A bogeyman for some, a panacea for others. The fact is that there is hardly an area of our economy and our lives that has not been shaped or at least influenced by it in recent years: digitization.

As “digital natives”, we have relied on digital solutions and smart systems from the very beginning. We recognized the potential of a digitally supported circular economy early on and opened up new areas together with and for our customers.

Of course, digitization for us does not just mean collecting and processing data. Rather, we want to use this data together with smart processes and networked systems in such a way that we generate the greatest possible value for our customers and at the same time make our contribution to sustainable management.

Our digital products complement the service portfolio of the Reclay Group, particularly in the area of take back solutions. We are constantly developing our range, orienting ourselves strictly to the needs of our customers and technologically we are always three steps ahead of the future. As befits pioneers.

We offer digital solutions from which brand manufacturers, trading companies and consumers benefit equally. These include, among other things:



Business to Business

For the B2B area, we develop applications that we have customized for our business customers. These include:


  • circulate – The digital platform for measuring the recyclability of packaging
  • calculate – data management from the experts in the digital circular economy
  • – tendering platform for the environmental and circular economy


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