Packaging of hazardous substances

Special take back obligations apply to packaging containing hazardous materials. For example, the transport may only be carried out by disposal companies who have received  approval for this. In addition, the packaging must be specially marked according to its dangerous goods class. We are happy to support you with this sensitive topic and make sure that you comply with all legal requirements for return and recycling.


Our services

  • Experienced and specially trained disposal team for all your needs.
  • A hotline for all questions relating to “contaminated filling goods”.
  • Cooperation with certified disposal companies.
  • Professional disposal of all your packaging.
  • Support with the registration, information, documentation and verification obligations according to the current legal provisions.
  • Attestation of the relevant quantities and processes by an auditor.

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    You can reach us by phone at +49 221 580098-2888.

    Information for collection points

    Do you have  packaging for hazardous materials? We will dispose of your packaging free of charge if your suppliers are contractual partners of Reclay Systems GmbH. To order disposal services free of charge, please fill out our  questionnaire. We then take care of everything necessary to ensure sustainable, legally compliant and cost-efficient disposal.

    You are a collection point and have questions? Contact us!

    We look forward to reading from you. Just write us your request!

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