(Inter)national EPR obligations

When manufacturers, importers, or traders put their goods on markets that span across national borders, they encounter a number of different legal requirements under extended producer responsibility (EPR). According to the polluter pays principle, a manufacturer is responsible for the return and disposal of its packaging. However, legal regulations differ from country to country: The challenge for many companies is therefore to keep up with their individual obligations throughout the EU and to avoid considerable risks and penalties in the event of improper fulfilment.

With complyMe we support you in the (inter)national compliance of your obligations under extended producer responsibility. Thanks to the modular structure in the four areas of Analyze, Operate, Audit and Academy, we offer you a comprehensive solution for all challenges associated with your EPR obligations. In addition, we create the greatest possible transparency in our analysis and support you in focusing on the circular economy and sustainability.

Our services


Based on the current legislation in each country, you will receive an allocation of your product and packaging materials, as well as a classification of the EPR system participation requirements. Thanks to a pre-check, you can also find out in which countries you are obligated under EPR.


The processing of the obligations is different in each European country and you will have to meet various requirements. With complyMe, we help you take care of the (inter)national processing of your report.


With complyMe Audit you receive comprehensive support for the inspection by authorities and PROs. You benefit from our VKS and BMK auditsupport in Austria or support for other international audits.


Legal changes through legislative amendments are presenting our customers with new challenges. Our webinars and workshops address current topics and trends emerging internationally. Our lectures are always easy to understand and structured with many practical examples and can take place anywhere.

Your benefits

  • You receive an all-in-one service solution
  • Support to obtain (inter)national legal conformity
  • EPR obligations at a glance
  • Transparent presentation of your packaging data
  • International know-how and network
  • Web-based platform to evaluate your products

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