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In Germany, we implement legal requirements for the packaging sector as a whole. We are the system operator there and fulfill our participation obligations in a responsible and comprehensive manner. We are a key partner for our customers for the implementation of EPR specifications or self-imposed environmental goals. Through our high performance EPR systems, we are  ready to organize the “closed loop” in all areas on a customer-specific basis.


In search for the best solutions, we also support our customers abroad. We offer our international know-how and our networks for consulting services or design, implement and operate system solutions wherever  desired.

The management of Reclay Systems GmbH in Germany consisting of Antti Tiilikainen, Dr. Fritz Flanderka, Christian Abl and Jens Nießmann (from left to right).



Im Zollhafen 2 – 4, 50678 Köln

Tel.: +49(0) 221 580098-0

Fax: +49(0) 221 580098-777

E-Mail: office.de(at)reclay-group.com


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Am Bayenturm, 50678 Köln


Austraße 34, 35745 Herborn

Tel: +49(0) 2772 5759-0

Fax: +49(0) 2772 5759-20

E-Mail: office.de(at)reclay-group.com

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