Our Team

The Reclay StewardEdge team is considered an international expert in recycling and product stewardship in the environmental consulting industry. With a mix of seasoned professionals, we offer a wealth of fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to our clients in a wide variety of industries.

Many of our core team members have more than two decades of direct experience across the product stewardship continuum. Reclay StewardEdge is committed to investing in our people by providing a range of opportunities to support them in reaching both their personal and professional goals.As a result, our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced individuals with the ability to see beyond the current horizon, assisting clients to reach long-term sustainable solutions for their business goals. With this truly extraordinary talent on board, the Reclay StewardEdge team offer technical and strategic direction and value to our clients across North America and internationally.

Ken Friesen


Ken has been directly involved in waste reduction and recycling since 1990 and has led the initiation, design, and implementation of multi-stakeholder stewardship programs, as well as provided strategic governance and project management services to many organizations. He specializes in recycling and product stewardship strategy development, policy analysis and risk assessment, post-consumer recovery program development and implementation, cost-modeling and financial analysis, stakeholder engagement and producer responsibility compliance services. Ken has provided leadership for a number of associations, such as Founding Director, Municipal Green Funds, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (2000-2002); Director, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (1999-2002), member of Environment Committee and International Programs Committee; Founding Chairman, Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Associations (1999-2001); Founding Board member, Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (1992-1998); President, Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (1993-1997)


Paul Flegg

Manager of Stewardship Reporting Services

Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the information system management business. Based in Toronto, he is responsible for all aspects of the stewards, compliance, data review, and financial key performance indicators. Paul has designed and implemented producer data reporting and compliance systems for various waste streams, including mixed material, waste electronics and electrical equipment, household hazardous waste and beverage containers, in four different provinces. In conjunction with some of these programs, he has also designed waste tracking systems for compliance schemes.


Karen Schwarz


Karen is based in Toronto and works extensively within the Stewardship Reporting team supporting companies in the area of producer responsibility with focus on stewardship regulatory compliance. She brings 25 years experience in waste management from her various roles in government, non-profit and the consulting sector. Over the course of her career Karen has done environmental policy work and managed recycling and waste diversion projects. More recently supports clients with their product stewardship responsibilities.  Karen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies.

Adrian Vannahme

Vice President, Business Development

Adrian is an accomplished policy expert and consultant with twelve years of international experience in environmental policy. From his time in government, he is particularly familiar with the economic and structural impacts of environment policy, as well as with policy development and implementation. He has held various positions, such as, Chief of Staff for Ministers; adviser to the Premier of Manitoba; policy officer with the Foreign Office of Germany; and as Director of Stakeholder Relations for the Government of Manitoba’s Climate Office. He has lived in numerous countries across Europe and North America, and has access to a wide network, information and communications in a number of languages.

Christa Rust

Senior Program Director

Christa has a demonstrated history of working in the environmental operations, services and research industry. In particular she specializes in strategic planning, business case development, policy analysis, risk assessment, post-consumer recovery program development and implementation, stakeholder engagement, and product stewardship program management. She has worked on projects to assess the impact on local environments due to habitat and climate change, uniting stakeholders and working together to show the benefits for all, and ensuring a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Sheri Moerkerk

Marketing and Communications Director

As a senior leader in branding, marketing, communications, PR and business development, Sheri has demonstrated success with several national brands. Her core competencies include team leadership, brand strategy, complex communication strategies, digital media, data management and analytics, strategic planning, as well as research and measurement.  As a member of the senior management team, Sheri works with the board of directors and external partners in developing and executing strategies to raise the profile of the organization.

Claudia Humaire

Communications Content Coordinator

With over 15 years of experience, Claudia brings marketing and communications expertise in the areas of content creation, promotions, brand activation, brand strategy, creative planning, sponsorship, public relations, and advertising. She has worked internationally with many high-profile brands. Claudia holds a bachelor’s degree in communications, as well as a marketing management post-degree diploma.

Within our organization, Claudia handles all aspects of social media, website updates, e-newsletters, and digital advertising. Her background in sustainability includes brand activation for recycling program events and content creation for EV manufacturers.

Craig Harrison

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Craig brings more than 30 years’ experience providing professional training services in the private, commercial and government sectors. He began his environmental sustainability career working on the City of Winnipeg’s Residential Blue Box recycling program. Craig is a recipient of the “Honorable St. Johns Award of Merit” for his contributions in public service and also received the “Certificate of Merit” from the City of Winnipeg Fire Department. He has completed an M.C.S.E diploma at University of Manitoba.

Jaclyn Diduck

Senior Logistics Coordinator

Jaclyn specializes in event management, stakeholder engagement, design and implementation of research projects, workshops and qualitative research design and analysis in addition to school programs. With interests in learning and environmental education, Jaclyn’s background allows her to bring a focus on sustainability issues and natural resources management to the team. She graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Winnipeg and a Master of Natural Resources Management from the University of Manitoba.

Justine Spearman

Senior Data & Outreach Coordinator

Justine specializes in stakeholder engagement, research project implementation, and program development. She has extensive experience organizing and promoting networking and environmental events. Justine graduated from the University of Manitoba with an honour’s degree in Environmental Sciences focusing on Corporate Sustainable Development.

Michael Hall


Mike brings to the team a background in supply chain and project management, and a strong passion for corporate social responsibility and sustainability. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Sustainable Development from the University of Manitoba.

Adam Wilton

 Administrative and Accounting Coordinator

Adam joined the team with years of experience in operational management, client relations and customer service. Adam is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Major in Theatre and Film and minor in Conflict Resolution.

Claire Harvey

Outreach Coordinator

Claire is the Outreach and Waste Audit Coordinator for Recycle Everywhere. She brings to the role her experience with field sampling, data collection, and data analysis in addition to client communication and project coordination. Claire holds a Bachelor in Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba.

Mike Cuma

Marketing & Communications Manager

Mike is a communications and marketing professional who has spent nearly 15 years helping organizations connect with their audiences more strategically and effectively. He believes strongly in collaborative leadership and the power of teamwork. Mike is motivated every day to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and to protect the planet for future generations.

Cameron Mackay

Marketing Coordinator

Cameron is the Marketing Coordinator for Recycle Everywhere. He has a strong background working with non-profit organizations and managing projects with environmental initiatives. He holds a B.Sc and a Certificate in Applied Project Management from the University of Winnipeg. Cameron takes pride in managing the Recycle Everywhere Street Team and enjoys connecting with community stakeholders.

Rhea Prathipati


Having attained her Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in 2019, Rhea oversees the finance and accounting functions for Reclay StewardEdge and CBCRA. She is a versatile, forward-thinking professional with a record of success in implementing prudent financial management practices, while seeking opportunities to streamline processes. Her keen understanding of business principles with the ability to navigate complex problems and implement solutions is an asset to our team. Prior to becoming a CPA, Rhea received a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree, majoring in Accounting and Logistics & Supply Chain Management.