Digital Solutions
Our digital solutions and consulting services track, measure and improve the sustainability of product and material management chains. This approach benefits circular economy players by providing key insights on the recycling performance of products and recycling behavior of consumers. Recyclability assessments of products through our “Circulate” technology help businesses achieve 100% recyclability.

Digital recycling incentive solutions, such as the Recycle Everywhere mobile app in Canada (and others in Europe) increase material recovery and encourage consumers to recycle more.

Material Management Services
Reclay is a pioneer in recycling, zero waste and sustainable materials management with over 20 years of experience. We build winning business cases for product sustainability and offer the following services:

  • Technology research and feasibility studies
  • Recycling facility efficiency studies
  • Sustainable material management planning and implementation
  • Waste audits and analyses

Waste audits build the foundation of effective waste management strategies and are a critical component of operating a sustainable building.

RSE goes beyond waste audits by providing pre-audit, on-site and post-audit services. Our methodology follows requirements from leading sustainable building certifications ensuring that audit reports meet certification standards such as LEED Canada and BOMA Best. RSE’s strategic recommendations will help facilitate building management decision-making.

Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility Strategies
The business case for a circular economy (CE) and extended producer responsibility (EPR) is leading the way to establishing sustainable business models. Leveraging our experience designing, establishing, and operating producer responsibility organizations (PRO) with an extended producer responsibility framework, we provide clients with expert research and operational insight to answer critical questions about circular economy and EPR impacts on their organization and industry.

We offer:

  • Strategic thought leadership on emerging issues, trends and policy impacts
  • CE and EPR policy research and business model development
  • EPR and stewardship program design, implementation and operation
  • Goal setting, measurement, and metrics assessment and enhancement
  • CE executive leadership orientation

Global Extended Producer Responsibility Compliance Assistance
We provide packaging and product stewardship for more than 3,000 businesses worldwide, helping minimize bottom-line costs by guiding them through complex EPR requirements and regulations.

For US companies marketing products and packaging to domestic and European consumers, where EPR programs and obligations exist for end-of-life packaging and product management, our expertise is highly sought after. By working together, we minimize business risks through the following:

  • Proprietary reporting tools for client EPR obligations
  • Data collection, methodology and processes
  • Full-service reporting and filing for clients

Recyclability – Sustainability
The United States boasts some of the most amazing natural spaces in the world. From the Grand Canyon’s 6000-foot drop to the red-hot lava at Kilauea Volcano and everything in between, RSE USA has great respect and admiration for this incredible diversity.

With this comes a deep sense of stewardship for the environment and everything in it, including waste and products that have reached their end of life. The United States has had EPR systems in place since the 2000s, but the majority have come into effect within the last 10 years.

Some examples include:

  • Full producer responsibility systems such as electronics, paint and textiles in multiple states
  • Deposit-return beverage container laws called ‘Bottle Bills’ are active in 10 states
  • California’s EPR laws for carpets
  • In 2020, Maine became the first state to pass legislation establishing EPR for packaging and paper materials
  • A major increase in all types of EPR bills are being introduced at the state level, and EPR momentum is growing
  • Federally, there are over 30 EPR bills currently before the house and senate in 2022

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