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Sustainability requirements, increased recyclability of packaging, prohibitions or limitations on the use of certain materials, mean that companies require technical and specialized advice. The development of tools for measuring recyclability or carbon footprint, methodologies for calculating the content of recycled material, national and international certifications on compostability, are just some examples of the need for a specialized service.

Our focus

Secondary raw materials

As an EPR system, we are experts for all questions relating to packaging and its recycling. From recyclability to the reuse of recyclates, we are at your side as a partner.

Innovative Technologies

We are involved in numerous international research projects and discuss current topics such as recyclability, the use of recyclates, chemical recycling, the sorting systems of tomorrow, and much more with experts.

Research Projects

To be a sustainability pioneer, we are in constant contact with partners from industry and research. We are involved in various national and international projects.

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