Reclay supports global EPR models

Reclay informs

In a recent paper, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation calls for the consistent and international introduction and implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) models. The paper is supported by a large number of well-known companies along the entire value chain of the packaging market.


As Reclay Group, we also expressly support the contents of the publication. We are convinced that EPR models are a necessary and indispensable means of building a functioning and implementable circular economy. Those market participants who put packaging into circulation must be held responsible for returning this packaging to a cycle –not least financially. Experience shows that the introduction of contribution-financed and mandatory EPR models is the only proven way to make good use of recycling processes and thus reduce or prevent unreasonable pollution of our environment.


To this end, we must work together to avoid dispensable packaging, optimise existing packaging with regard to recyclability and keep the packaging that has been put into circulation in the cycle. In addition to their importance in the fight against environmental pollution, meaningful EPR models also bring significant advantages for manufacturing companies, among other things by promoting the development of innovative and recycling-friendly packaging and ensuring increased market transparency.


Together with our partners, as a pioneer in our industry, we are committed to an international awareness of mandatory and contribution-financed EPR models.


Click here for the paper of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation



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