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Slovakia: RECobal, the new return system supported by Reclay, has been launched successfully

Increase of collection volume / new waste categories

Bratislava/Vienna, 11 October 2016.

The collection and recycling system ReCobal, operating in the market since 1 July 2016, has already provided significant improvements to recycling processes in its municipalities in the first three months. Compared to the previous systems, the amount collected could be more than doubled. The reasons for this are both the intensified public relations informing consumers about how to correctly separate waste, and the further developments in the collection infrastructures. For this, ReCobal closely coordinates with the municipalities and exams the situation on the ground. In addition, new collection categories were introduced. In all municipalities in which ReCobal is active, in addition to glass, paper and PET and other plastics, also composite drinks cartons and metal packaging are collected separately.

Extraction of secondary raw materials for the industry

ReCobal takes care of the provision of collection containers as well as of the subsequent collection and recycling of the waste. The system has entered into agreements with ten waste disposal and recycling companies ensuring that the collected recyclables and secondary raw materials are recycled and once again of use to the industry.

“Up to now, the main problems in Slovak waste management included in particular the insufficient infrastructure and the low awareness in the population. We immediately addressed these issues - in addition to many others. Our aim is an efficient circular economy with a significantly higher volume and quality of collections, and associated with this, a significant improvement of the cost structure”, explains Claudia Gettlerova, Managing Director of ReCobal.

About RECobal

ReCobal s.r.o. was founded in 2015 and supports companies in fulfilling all legal obligations arising from the new Slovak Waste Management Act which came into force on 1 January 2016. Manufacturers and distributors from home and abroad who put packaging into circulation in Slovakia can use RECobal to meet their obligations as companies responsible for products and have their sales packaging and certain other materials collected and recycled. The Reclay Group which has been active in the country via its subsidiary Reclay Slovensko, s.r.o since 2004, advised companies from commerce and industry in setting up the new system and continues to support these.